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Nails Enhancement

Acrylic nails

Designed to protect your own nails white making them stronger and more beautiful. Your nails are always the same length and the polish will last longer than natural nails.

Overlay on Natural$25.00
Acrylic Full Set$25.00
Acrylic fill$15.00

Pink & white

Perfect for clients who want beautiful nails without the time. Strong, durable, and non-yellowing. They look and feel completely natural and last until the next fill-in without lifting, giving your nails a natural pink & white ambiance. It’s buffed for a look that’s even more beautiful than your natural nails. “No Polish Involved.”

Pink & White Full Set$45.00
Pink & White fill$35.00

UV Liquid Gel

Healthy nails for everyone. It contains no harsh chemicals or odors, strengthens and protects natural nails. It’s natural, lightweight and comfortable with real feeling odorless gel that can be worn over natural nails for a stronger feeling without the use of primer or liquid. Your choice of clear or Pink & White UV gel.

* Sometimes lasts a bit longer
* Dry instantly so no need to wait.
* Not affected by chemicals that affect acrylic nails.

Liquid Gel Full Set$45.00
Liquid Gel fill$30.00

SNS Nail System (Dipping Powder)

It’s an organic nail care product, natural & healthy to your real nails. provides vitamins and calcium which help nails grow healthier. No odor, no liquid, no primer, no chemicals. It’s done by dipping the nails into the powder products. Its dipping process makes the nails much thinner, natural and more lightweight than other products.

SNS Full Set$35.00
Pink & White Full Set$45.00
Pink & White fill$35.00
Color Full Set$35.00
Color fill$25.00
Color fill change$35.00